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-- European Times France issued rules without confirmation

The European Times: France introduced undocumented positive provisions[European Times] the French government on Wednesday (25 days) disclosure of details to undocumented salaried employees issued temporary residence permits specified circular content. Immigration minister,michael kors tote purse, there are an estimated 500 to 1000 people are expected to obtain legal status. Undocumented workers union solidarity with the people and humanitarian groups that new government regulations are too harsh, but can not solve all the problems. The socialist party accused the decision about immigration minister and position have significant xenophobic, and there is no effective.

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PSA Peugeot Citroen in 2012 net loss of 5000000000 euros

PSA Peugeot Citroen in 2012 net loss of 5000000000 eurosXinhuanet.com Paris reporter: Li MingFrance's largest carmaker Citroen Group released 13 money newspaper shows, as the European car market by the debt crisis and the sharp contraction, the group 2012 deficit hit a record high, assets shrunk.Money newspaper shows, the PSA Peugeot Citroen in 2012 sales of 55446000000 euros ($74800000000), down 5.2% over the previous year; a net loss of 5010000000 euros ($6760000000), and in 2011 net profit of 588000000 euros ($790000000).According to reports, PSA Peugeot Citroen Automobile Department operating loss of 1504000000 euros ($2000000000),michael kors leather tote, amount of loss is much higher than in 2011 of 92000000 euros ($120000000). PSA Peugeot Citroen CEO Philip &middot; Mr Varin said 2012, group performance reflects the industrial environment of automobile Europe deterioration.In 2012 July, the PSA Peugeot Citroen announced a new restructuring plan, specific measures include the reduction of native French post, shut down near Paris hornay assembly plant, sale of assets, cost savings,michael kors mens wallets, reduce inventory etc.. Mr Varin said, the group has adopted a series of difficult but necessary �� �� measures to regroup,MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan Small Shoulder Bag , strategic alliance in 2012 February and the General Motors Corporation formed is expected to help the group renaissance.PSA Peugeot Citroen is expected in the European car market in 2013 will continue to shrink from 3% to 5%, Chinese car market will grow by 8%, 2% growth in Latin America, Russia grew 2%. The group also said that, under the two major automobile brand Peugeot and Citroen will strengthen the re-positioning: Peugeot will go high-end route,dillards michael kors wallets, Citroen further distinguish the high-end DS series and C series.PSA Peugeot Citroen Europe after Volkswagen of Germany's second largest car manufacturer, production and sales mainly concentrated in the European region. Because of the European car market and other factors, the group 2012 global automobile and spare parts sales fell 16.5%.

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New year the first week of the property market sales fell 4 year

New year the first week of the property market sales fell 4 year-on-year rise 98%Report from our correspondent (reporter gengnuo) although a small New Year's holiday 3 days, property market turnover slightly blowout,michael kors iphone wallet, but the first week of the new year does not seem to be able to tail market continues at the end of last year, the property market turnover. Reporters yesterday from the City Construction Committee website provides data to understand, the first week of the year the city of new residential and second-hand housing nets sign totaled 4876 sets, a week ago, the chain fell 38.8%, but compared with the same period last year rose 98%.Data shows, last week (December 31, 2012 to January 6, 2013) the new commercial housing nets sign totaled 2064 sets, a week ago, the chain fell 29%, than the same period last year rose 10.8%; second-hand housing nets sign totaled 2812 sets, a week ago,michael kors item tote, the chain fell 44.5%,michael kors bags outlet online, than the same period last year rose 371%.In this regard,michael kors metallic handbags, cause I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, although the New Year holiday effect at the beginning of this year, the property market turnover fell sharply appeared than at the end of the year, but compared with a year earlier, 2013 still is off to a good start. With the holidays away, the volume of property transactions will pick up, as the Spring Festival will come in February 10th, so it can be foreseen in January this year, the Beijing property market will remain active.Hu Jinghui said, in 2012 the real estate market transaction volume up, make each big developers to complete the basic and even complete annual sales plan excess, lack of power to push new sites before the spring festival. On the other hand, in the current market outlook optimistic about the situation, not the possibility of developers sales prices, which will lead to some buyers to the secondary market demand. Compared with last year's turnover in December, January Beijing bridal market turnover will decline slightly.Supply and demand will support Beijing secondary residential turnover remained high. Hu Jinghui think, at the end of last year, the secondary market transactions active, prices rose slightly, and further stimulate the owners take the initiative to sell real estate will; and anxious spring married people and to improve housing residents will also because of worry about the future prices continue to rise and to buy a house.In January 12th, Sina happy house big house hot application...

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A family of four accident mother trapped inside the vehicle shou

A family of four accident mother trapped inside the vehicle shouting to save the children.After the accidentStill trapped in the car's mother saidHave some mercyTake the child to the hospitalReport from our correspondent (reporter Cun Canhong) "I beg you, take my children to the hospital for an examination." Three fifty-one yesterday afternoon, Miyun Taishitunzhen high-speed bearing out of Beijing direction 112 kilometers, a van and a car collided. In the accident,MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote Vanilla, van rollover hit the bridge guardrail, the car of a family of four trapped. The driver in the kind-hearted people's help struggling rescued two children of their own, but his wife was firmly stuck in the car, in the face of came to the rescue of the rescuers, the wife is anxious to send their children to the hospital.After receiving the alarm, Miyun Tuen fire squadron rushed to the scene of the accident, we placed a warning signs at a distance of 150 meters behind the scene of the accident, the implementation of security on site, to prevent the occurrence of the two accident. After the fire scene, the serious deformation, a woman caught in the cab, legs stuck, unable to move. Firefighters immediately launched rescue, from the rear of the car, the expansion of the use of hydraulic and other special rescue equipment, the cab was up slightly raised, to reduce car on the pressure increases, the trapped personnel activity space, at the same time to rescue.After 10 minutes of the rescue,cheap michael kors handbags, the trapped woman rescued. When she was carried to the ambulance stretcher,michael kors satchel sale, in the face of the guardian of her husband, the woman asked: "what about the kids? I beg you to hurry up, take them to the doctor." Hear this word, the rescue personnel are moved, because the mother is the most serious injury, but at the moment, she was just a child's injury,michael kors continental wallet, and forget his injury in critically ill. Subsequently, the injured were sent to emergency vehicles rushed to hospital for treatment. At present the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Text and photo J002

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North Korean newspaper Japan is the first target of North Korea'

North Korean newspaper: Japan is the first target of North Korea's nuclear weaponsData figure: North Korea nuclear test site punggye-ri satellite pictures of the United States Department of Defense said, deputy secretary of defense in the Carter 17,michael kors tote macys, and Japan's Defense Secretary Edo Sotoku held talks, confirmed the Japan-US will join hands to cope with the situation in North korea. The same day, the Korean workers party organ "Labor News" published comments, said Japan will also become a North Korean nuclear weapons to strike first to gain the initiative attack object. The United States reiterated its day,MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Signature PVC Medium Satchel , American Department of Defense said in a news release, the United States Deputy Secretary of defense Carter 17 visit to Japan, at Yokota base (Tokyo) held talks with Vice Minister of Japan's defense of Edo Sotoku. Both sides are promoting nuclear and missile development situation in North Korea confirmed the Japan-US consultations, will join hands to cope with. The two sides agreed, the Japan-US alliance is not only Japan, the cornerstone of peace and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region as a whole "". Carter on the remote North Korean ballistic missile that will strengthen the missile defense system (MD), and the United States will perform again on the Japanese defense liability. In addition,dillards michael kors wallets, the two sides also Japan-US defense cooperation pointer modifications and US troops stationed in Japan to Guam planning consultations. The United States Department of Defense said it had launched a dialogue on the "status quo" regional security. The analysis thinks, the meeting could the Chinese troops around the Senkaku Islands in Japan are discussed in (China calls the Diaoyu) and confrontation in the East China sea. The two sides also held as soon as possible with the United States Defense Minister defense Onodera Inori Hagel's talks agreement. Japan will not be the exception Yonhap reports 17 days, Korea army is ready to be provocative to deal with North korea. In this regard, the Korean workers party organ "Labor News" published the same day accused the United States of America, and South Korean fan the flames, is the real challenge. In addition, it was also pointed out that "Japan will also, without exception, become our army to use nuclear weapons to strike first to gain the initiative attack object." In order to contain comments were to increase sanctions by the Japanese government alone. "Labor News" published a commentary, the Japanese government conducted its third nuclear test in North Korea after the position of attack. Comments: "prime minister Andouble on the United Nations Security Council sanctions resolution through the scattered said, it is important that all countries to comply with the relevant obligations." Comments also warned: "if the United States of America ignite nuclear war,michael kors handbags on sale, our army will on the invaders stronghold exercise to use nuclear weapons against the right to strike first to gain the initiative. At that time, Japan will never become the exception."

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